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Quiz from dearest friend
Updated on Friday, June 8, 2012 11:38 PM | 0 echoes
If you're free and willing to read then jz continue reading :)
Starting time:11.40pm
Name: Lynn
Shoe size: UK 4
Hair Type/Colour: Black
Piercings: Ears
Height: My Sadness .__.
What are you wearing now?: Pyjamas *bt nt going to sleep yt*
Where do you live? :Penang
Favorite number: 0 and 7
Favorite drink: juice, coffee, tea???
Favorite month: January *muahaha* and August *Tiffany's birthday ♥ *
Favorite breakfast: Anything i like to eat^^

-Have You Ever-
Broken a bone: Of course......NO!
Been in a police car: Is it fun and exciting?
Fallen for a friend: Tiffany...mayb idol?
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time: ...Someone else??
Swam in the ocean: Yup when dreaming....
Fallen asleep in school: U saw me sleeping?
Broken someone's heart : Maybe
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No
Been cheated on: Sometimes

Your room like?: Sleep beside my idol..*muahahaha
What is right beside you?: Rilakkuma of course
What is the last thing you ate?: Of course food

Ever Had-
Chicken pox: Yup
Sore throat: Everyone does -.-
Stitches: No
Broken nose: Cant smell anything if my nose broke...

-Do You-
Believe in love at first sight?: Maybe
Like picnics?: It's quite hot in my country

Did you last yell at? : Someone who makes me angry
Who was the last person you danced with?: Friends when camp
Who last made you smile?: Tiffany of course

-Final Questions-
What are you listening to right now?: TTS Baby steps
What did you do today?: Omg PSS camp from 8 to 5 !
Are you the oldest?:No ,I'm the youngest :)
Indoors or outdoors?: Both *hey u said these're final ques!!*

-Today did you-
Talk to someone you like?: Do u think i wont talk for whole day?
Kiss anyone?: Mayb kiss at my idol photo?
Sing?: 1,2 Baby Steps 3,4 Baby Steps 5,6 Baby Steps
Talk to an ex?: U mean ex-penggawas ?then yeshh!
Miss someone?: Yea :)
Eaten yet?:Yes but still hungry D:

-Last person who-
You talked to on the phone?: My frez
Went to the movies with?: My family ;)
You went to the mall with?: Family
Who cheered you up?: Tiffany or mayb myself?

-Have you-
Been to Mexico?: Yes , in my dream :))

Have a crush on someone: Tiffany!!!
What books are you reading now?: The Hunger Games *Read for about 3 months nt yt finish*
Best feeling in the world?: Being with the person u ♥ , even not doing anything :D
Future kids names?: Tiffany or Stephanie
What’s under your bed?: Floor
Favourite place?: Korea
Who do you really hate?: Those silly haters to any idols :(
Do you have a job?: My job is to sleep for whole day !
What time is it now?:Why ? u didn't have a watch or what?