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SNSD - Not Alone Lyric
Updated on Monday, November 26, 2012 2:02 PM | 0 echoes
[Tiffany] Have you ever imademo Shinjiteirunoyo
[Seohyun] Ai wa tatta hitori Minoraseruto

[Yoona] Hoshigaru koto sae Imakudekenaikedo
[Sooyoung] Demone sore demone Wakattamo

[Taeyeon] Not alone not alone Kotae no nai omoimo
[Jessica] Not alone kiesouna No opso otajimo
[Sunny] Kimi no tame Saita hana nano So I'm not alone

[Yuri] Why I'm ai doushite Soredemo kowaindarou
[Taeyeon] Konna muryoku na Jibun mou itano oh

[Hyoyeon] Kotomoni modotte Kotobamodenakute
[Seohyun] Fairy tale dakijamou Susuminainone
[All] Not alone we're not alone [Sunny] Dare ka wo omokotode
[All] Not alone [Taeyeon] Shinjitsu omitsuketa toki

[Jessica] Konna feeling wo Nanto yobebaii
Precious things in we~

[Tiffany] Uu arigatou you gave me
Kono tsuyosa kureta noyo
I'll be there for you

[Seohyun] moswakaska itsuyo
Nara zutto yotte 
Irohge life goes on

[Jessica] now I think soudayo Dareka o zutto zutto
[Taeyeon] aishite mitai Tomotteta kara~

[All] Not alone not alone [Yuri] Iterubasho I'm not you
[All] Not alone [Sunny] nagareru namidatte saemo

[Jessica] Kimi no jane Saita hananano
[Tiffany] So I'm not ([Sunny] so I'm not)
[Tiffany] So I'm not ([Sunny] so I'm not)
[Tiffany/Sunny] Mou I'm not 
[Jessica] Alone

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