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超好看的^^ 虽然大家都觉得男主角不怎么样,但是看完,你就会觉得其实男女主角都很配的^^




他们得了很多的奖,包括 Best On Screen Couple^^
甚至还赢了Dream High 里的Couple 《Suzy + Kim Soo Hyun》

这部戏里有很多的Kiss Scene... 

当Eunji也就是女主角的爸爸,看到自己的女儿拍这Kiss Scene的时候,立刻打了电话给自己的女儿,Eunji就和爸爸解释说这只是戏,爸爸就回答Eunji说不管你是不是再拍戏,是你的脸就是不行! <<<好严厉的父亲


女主: 云宰,你给我起来!我不是叫你小心一点么? 
男主: 什么事情? 你怎么了这一大清早的? 我做错什么了?
女主: 因为你我不能活了! 你是故意的吧?!你这笨蛋!
男主: 我做错什么了?我要报警了。 
女主: 应该是我要报警吧。你这笨蛋。我不是叫你小心一点了吗?


女主 Eunji

男主 Seo In Guk

Eunji & Seo In Guk - All For You

昨天还在Mama Award 得奖了 - BEST OST
但是可惜的是,只有Eunji出席,In Guk 因为有行程所以不能出席

“The reason i like you? 
Because it’s you. Just you. That’s the only reason.
I wish i knew. Then i could figure out how to stop liking you. If i can’t avoid it, i only want one thing. To stay as a friend who doesn’t change. For heartache. For love.”
Yoon Yoon Je to Sung Si Won (Reply 1997 episode 10)

“They say that people are born with a red string that they can’t see, tied to their pinky fingers, and the end is tied to the one you’re fated to be with. But the thread is twisted this way and that, making it hard to find the other end.”
Yoon Yoon Je (Reply 1997)

"I've been at your side since we were born. We've seen each other every day. But I still see you as a woman. The first day of high school was the first time I thought you were pretty. After that day, I always gave you a hint. I liked you. I wanted you to like me. But you didn't notice. Fine, maybe you had only ever seen me as a friend."
Yoon Yoon Je to Sung Si Won (Reply 1997 episode 12)

“First love. The reason why we think first love is beautiful is not because people we first loved were actually handsome, or pretty. It’s because we were unconditional, innocent, or a bit stupid at the time of first love. And because we know that we can never go back to that young, passionate time of our days. First love is a period of time. It never comes back. If the next love comes, time has to yield for that new love. It might not be as innocent as the first love, but it would be a little more mature, due to the pain suffered with the first love. A person who dreams of love, is the one who waits. After the romance, the real life comes in. Innocence gets dirty, passion gets cold, and youth getting old with cleverness. So first love becomes part one’s exhausted daily life. That’s why first love looks like can’t be accomplished. Because no one talks about a successful romance with the first loves. What’s the big deal about first love? You are the one who’s beside me now! :D”
Yoon Yoon Je (Reply 1997)

“Relationship has levels. An easy relationship, a relationship that was easy to explain and easy to maintain. And the hardest relationship that between a man and a woman.
Men and women expect different things, face different sides, and dream different dreams. The relationship between a man and a woman is of over-lasting love and fighting. They get upset and console. They fight and make up. They hurt and they embrace. A relationship as complicated as manic depressive disorder. But the hardest part is, it can’t start if the timing is wrong. A relationship that is too complicated and too sensitive. There is one relationship that’s as difficult yet unavoidable. A relationship that’s tedious but inevitable. A relationship that lasts your entire life. That’s family.”

Yoon Yoon Je (Reply 1997)

“The string is as tangled as the number of people tied together. As we untangle it, we get to see our fate. If the red string of fate really exists, where will mine end?”
Yoon Yoon Je (Reply 1997)

“Liking someone is not a choice. It is something your heart calls you to do”
Joon Hee (Reply 1997 episode 13)

“There is one relationship that’s as difficult yet unavoidable…A relationship that’s tedious but inevitable. A relationship that lasts your entire life… That’s Family”
Joon Hee (Reply 1997 episode 11)

Si Won: Mom, why did you bring a kid to a bar? It's time to go to sleep.

Si Won's mom: Your daughter is into gurumpang these days. She never leaves the TV. How would I make her sleep? She says she's going to marry Hong Si.

Si Won's Dad: There's nothing wrong about an old saying. It says "As one sows, so shall he reap." This exactly fits you. You reaped a great fan out of you!! You have to feel how I felt before. I still wake up in the middle of the night when I think of it. You would understand me after you tear off the posters you daughter had collected.

Si Won: How can you say that to your daughter?

Si Won's Dad: There's nothing I can't say as your father. How do you think Yoon Je?

Yoon Je: Well.. I just hope she grows up healthy. At least she's not sick, it's okay.

Si Won's Dad: Right..... That's how you married my crazy daughter. You're a buddha..... or just an idiot.

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